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With the $40 2 Week Intro Pass, do the 2 weeks start from the day of purchase or from my first class? Artboard 1

Your 2 weeks will officially begin from your first class. When you make your purchase, the expiry will initially show 2 weeks from that day, though the expiry will change on a daily basis (always reflecting 2 weeks from any given day) until you are booked in for your first class, then the expiry date will lock in 2 weeks from then.

All other class passes (casual and 10x session passes) are activated on the day of purchase, so expiry is set from purchase date.

I've tried to come into the studio many times but the door is always locked! Why? Artboard 1

Right behind that front door is the studio classroom, we don’t have a reception area or receptionist, so only the class Instructor is there at any time. We keep the door locked to minimise disruption to classes, and outside of class times the studio is often not staffed. We do welcome enquiries via email or phone, otherwise you can make all your payments and class bookings from our website.

Why are your Pilates classes only 30mins long? Artboard 1

Firstly, we believe you can achieve a thorough and efficient workout in 30mins, particularly with the Pilates method as with even minimal exercises you can work the entire body. Also, as we only have 6 people per class (only 6 reformers), we are generally able to get through a little more than we would with a busier class, plus with less people in class, your instructor will be able to see you easily and assist you accordingly, making sure you are getting the most benefit from each visit. Furthermore, we know how super busy life can get! We like to provide a shorter workout time that is highly effective, and allows you to get on with the rest of your day!

Do I have to book in for class or can I just turn up? Artboard 1

All classes must be booked and paid for prior to commencement. Our classes are small, so we want to make sure there is a space for you before you come to the studio, and we want both you and your instructor to be able to focus on the class without worrying about messing around with payments before class.

If I buy a membership, can I put it on hold when I go on holidays? Artboard 1

Yes, all memberships can be suspended for holidays, however suspensions can only be taken in one or two week increments. Each membership term (3, 6, or 12month) carry different suspension allowances, so be sure to check your contract thoroughly before signing up. Don’t hesitate to direct any further questions to Maree – email is preferable in this case.

I have never done Pilates before, is there a beginners class? Artboard 1

You’re most welcome to join in any Pilates class on our schedule, even if you haven’t done it before (if you have any injuries or concerns though, it would be great to have a chat with you first).

I have never done Yoga before, is there a beginners class? Artboard 1

As with Pilates, your are welcome to join in any Yoga class. If you’re looking for a more restorative class, you might prefer to start with a Yoga Unwind class, however beginners are encouraged to try Yoga Energiser as well. Again if you have any injuries or concerns we would love to speak to you first, otherwise the best thing is to book in and give it a go!


We are a phone call free business, all enquires are handled via email

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