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Our mixed-level yoga classes are rooted in Hatha style yoga with a heavy influence of vinyasa flow movement. Each class works to match deep breathing techniques with movement to achieve the stretch, strengthening and relaxation our members look for. Classes are hugely complimentary to Reformer Pilates classes, and can often be coupled in back to back sessions.

Although classes are mixed-leveled, teachers ensure a variety of modifications and different asanas are offered for members. Sessions are kept small in order to provide personalized attention.

Yoga Unwind & Yoga Energiser:

All Yoga classes will begin by bringing awareness to your breath and a gentle warm up, and will finish with some form of relaxation or meditation. Your Yoga Unwind class will be a more relaxed class featuring a little more stretch and meditation, and your Yoga Energiser class will be a more dynamic, flow style class that will still include a short relaxation period at the end of class.

No matter what your level of practice, our classes will suit your needs at your desired rigor!

Why Yoga?

Yoga can benefit you in many more ways than just a good stretch after your Reformer Pilates class.

It has proven to not only stretch the body in deep and hugely beneficial way, but also contribute to overall well being. Through your practice you will strengthen muscles, encourage blood flow, and give stretching a whole new meaning!

In addition, practitioners will find clarity and relaxation of the body and mind as an outstanding bi product.

Yoga is a way to find true rejuvenation of the body, mind and soul!