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Pregnancy And Beyond

In our pre and postnatal classes, you’ll enjoy a gentle workout that doesn’t skimp on the important strengthening work your body needs to cope with the physical stresses of pregnancy and beyond.

Our team are highly qualified in this area and will design the class with you and your baby in mind. Beginners are most welcome—we keep our class sizes small so we can pay close attention to everyone and adjust your pose so it’s both safe and effective.

If you’re already quite active, we can challenge you with exercises that will help you maintain your fitness during your pregnancy and help you recover after baby arrives. There’s also a lovely sense of community and support among the mums at our studio.

The best time to start your prenatal classes is early in your second trimester. You can generally begin exercise six weeks after your baby is born, or 12 weeks after a caesarean. It’s a good idea to visit your doctor and get the all clear before joining a class.

Time out for mums

Our pre and postnatal classes give you the time and space to focus on your health and wellbeing. Pilates classes are on the reformer machine and focus on pelvic floor strength and stability, so you can challenge yourself while your body is supported at all times. 

In our pre and postnatal yoga classes, you’ll enjoy a mix of stretch and strengthening exercises, with a peaceful meditation at the end of each class to leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Mums and bubs

Our mums and bubs classes are a great way to get your body moving again while your little one is by your side. Through gentle stretching and strengthening movements, you’ll ease those tight muscles and help your body recover.

All babies are welcome (6 weeks until mobile). You can choose to let them sleep in their capsule, play on their mat or join you in the exercise. Baby’s needs always come first, so feel free to tend to them however and whenever you need during the class.

What to bring

For all classes, you’ll need to bring a yoga mat and sweat towel, as well as clean socks—preferably with grip for safety. We sell grip socks and canvas ballet slippers online and in the studio. 

If you’re joining a mums and bubs class, you’ll also need to bring a mat or blanket for your baby to lay on, and anything else they need to be comfy and happy. Please leave the pram in the car, as your class will be upstairs.

First class? Visit our first timers page for everything you need to know.

Prenatal class passes

10 Session Pass


Our prenatal passes are a great way to maintain your strength and flexibility at all stages of your pregnancy, with the option to do more or less each week depending on how you feel.

You can use your prenatal 10-session pass for up to four months after purchasing, and prenatal casual pass for up to one month. Take a look at our membership policy for more details.

Mums & Bubs class passes

10 Session Pass
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We know how hard it is to try and squeeze in a workout when you have a baby. That’s why we run regular mums and bubs classes, where you can enjoy a mat pilates or yoga class while your little one sleeps next to you (or joins you on the mat for a stretch!).

You can use your mums and bubs 10-session pass for up to four months after purchasing, and mums and bubs casual pass for up to one month. Take a look at our membership policy for more details.