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Prenatal & Postnatal Pilates and Yoga

*Class pass purchases and bookings must be made via the website prior to attendance

Our Pre & Postnatal Pilates and Yoga classes are designed specifically for you to get the most beneficial and safest workout we can offer both during and soon after your pregnancy.

Both forms of exercise can lend themselves to a more gentle style of workout without skimping on important strengthening work for your changing body before and after the birth of your baby.

Pre & Postnatal Pilates classes are on the Reformer, where the machine will provide support for your body plus a challenging workout with extra focus on your pelvic floor strength and stability.

In our Prenatal Yoga classes, you’ll enjoy a mix of strength, stretch, and relaxation/meditation.

An added bonus is the sense of community and support with your instructors and class mates.

The best time to start your Prenatal classes is early in your 2nd Trimester. As for Postnatal, you can generally begin 6 weeks after the birth of your baby, or 12 weeks following a caesarean – though best to get clearance from your Doctor first.

*Prenatal Pilates: Wednesday’s 6.45pmĀ  – 7.30pm & Saturday’s 9.15am – 10am

*Prenatal Yoga: Thursday’s 6.30pm – 7.30pm & Saturday’s 10.15am – 11.15am

Please visit our pricing page to purchase your pass.