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Maree Rodger

Maree is the owner of Inspired Pilates and Yoga.
A Personal Trainer with a dance background, she was first introduced to Pilates at age 16 as a way to improve her ballet technique. 
Maree has taught many forms of movement and exercise including childrens Ballet, Tap, and Jazz classes, adults Pole Dancing classes, and Bootcamp.
At Inspired, Maree choreographs and teaches the Barre Belle classes, and you will also find her teaching Pilates regularly, and once in blue moon you might catch her teaching Yoga - though she prefers to leave Yoga to her talented instructors!
A music nerd and a crazy cat lady, Maree can talk about both subjects at length, be aware that if you ask about her cats, there is no short answer! 
See if you can pick up on Maree's ridiculous pop culture references during her Barre Belle classes.

Maree Rodger instructs the following: