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Kristy Da Silva

Kristy is an ex corporate career/party girl turned health and wellness nerd who found yoga at a time when she was desperately looking for a holistic way to heal her mind and body.

After her first yoga class, she instantly knew she had found the missing piece of the puzzle and yoga would be a part of her life forever. Yoga has helped her cut through the chaos created in her mind, simplify on all levels and find meaning in every moment, good or bad.

Kristy is a certified vinyasa yoga teacher with a passion learning and growth. She brings a fluid, feminine quality to her alignment based classes that will leave you feeling refreshed and at ease on the mat.

You can expect her energiser class to be strong but infused with fun and tailored to the individual’s level. From her unwind class you can expect a slower practice and longer holds lingering in those spaces of stillness between each breathe. Both classes emphasise mindfulness and breathe awareness to bring you a sense of peace and clarity

Her favourite yoga related quote is “asana without breathe is just gymnastics”.

Kristy Da Silva instructs the following: