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Yui Goto

I have been always active as a kid and since I started working as a full time in such a busy environment in Japan I did not know how to slow myself down and how to communicate with myself. Firstly I tried yoga to get physical benefit to release my super tense shoulders (all work stress brought tension to my shoulders!), gain flexibility(sitting and standing all day long was a killer for my hips!!), gain strength (I got tired easily so I thought I was not holding myself upright enough!!!). As I continued to practise yoga more regularly I started to realise that I was able to control my emotions, stresses and became more clear about what I want - this is how I met yoga. I used to like to practise yang style(energetic, dynamic) but now I am slowly introducing myself to practise yin style (slow, calm) to just follow my internal voice.
My unwind classes will give you an opportunity to listen and be aware of your body instead of pushing yourself and suffer from pain, you will learn how to step back and put your ego aside.
My energiser class is more flow based, dynamic movement for you to stay strong and be confident. You may find some poses are challenging however, I’m sure you will end up with a smile on your face :)

Yui Goto instructs the following: