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Staff List

Maree Rodger
Maree is the owner of Inspired Pilates and Yoga.
A Personal Trainer with a dance background, she was first introduced to Pilates at age 16 as a way to improve her ballet technique. 
Maree has taught many forms of movement and exercise including childrens Ballet, Tap, and Jazz classes, adults Pole Dancing classes, and Bootcamp.
At Inspired, Maree choreographs and teaches the Barre Belle classes, and you will also find her teaching Pilates regularly, and once in blue moon you might catch her teaching Yoga - though she prefers to leave Yoga to her talented instructors!
A music nerd and a crazy cat lady, Maree can talk about both subjects at length, be aware that if you ask about her cats, there is no short answer! 
See if you can pick up on Maree's ridiculous pop culture references during her Barre Belle classes.
Sara Fishwick

Sara has been teaching the Pilates Method for 6 years. Her classes focus on the core principles of Pilates - concentration, control, centering, precision, flowing movement and breathing. Expect a varied workout each class targeting all muscle groups in the body. Sara's classes will challenge you, no matter what your level of ability, and she will give you individual attention to help you get the most out of each exercise.


Yui Goto
I have been always active as a kid and since I started working as a full time in such a busy environment in Japan I did not know how to slow myself down and how to communicate with myself. Firstly I tried yoga to get physical benefit to release my super tense shoulders (all work stress brought tension to my shoulders!), gain flexibility(sitting and standing all day long was a killer for my hips!!), gain strength (I got tired easily so I thought I was not holding myself upright enough!!!). As I continued to practise yoga more regularly I started to realise that I was able to control my emotions, stresses and became more clear about what I want - this is how I met yoga. I used to like to practise yang style(energetic, dynamic) but now I am slowly introducing myself to practise yin style (slow, calm) to just follow my internal voice.
My unwind classes will give you an opportunity to listen and be aware of your body instead of pushing yourself and suffer from pain, you will learn how to step back and put your ego aside.
My energiser class is more flow based, dynamic movement for you to stay strong and be confident. You may find some poses are challenging however, I’m sure you will end up with a smile on your face :)
Kathy Baratta
Kathy has been in and out of the fitness industry for over 20 years after obtaining her Bachelor of Sports Science, Exercise Science Degree from UNSW. She started doing pilates as a student at Inspired and then decided to get her qualified in 2014. After completing her Reformer Training with Elixr School of Pilates, she has gone on to complete her Mat Pilates qualification, Pregnancy Pilates, Stott Mat Training Level 2.

She likes to make sure everyone gets warm in her classes and can be known to go a bit crazy on legs and triceps. She is also good at saying silly things so be prepared to have a bit of a laugh in class.

Lauren Lee
Lauren discovered her passion for yoga in early 2014. Her curiosity of the

physical practice of yoga blossomed when she did her first hot hatha class in

Sydney. Since then she has become fully immersed in her practice and study of

yoga. She completed her 200-hour Vinyasa Flow teacher training with Briohny

Smith and Dice Iida-Klein in Koh Samui.

Lauren also has a great passion and understanding of human connection in the

form of movement. She is a Level 1 ACROVINYASATM certified teacher and has an

extensive background in dance. Having specialised in classical ballet for 14 years,

she believes that the practice of yoga has enabled her to develop a more holistic

understanding of bodily self-awareness and equanimity.

Her aim is to make yoga accessible to everyone. Regardless of age or bodily

capabilities, she believes that all students can experience both the physical and

mental benefits of yoga. Lauren wishes to share her knowledge of yoga by

teaching dynamic and fun classes that help students develop a greater awareness

and appreciation of their own bodies.

Karryne Haynes
Karryne has been teaching Yoga for 16 years. Her

background initially came from Dancing and then

Group Fitness Classes which lead to her Yoga Teacher

Training. She has been doing Yoga herself since she

was 16 years old participating regularly in local

classes in Cronulla. She completed her Yoga Teacher

Training at Caringbah Healing Centre where she was

trained by Gail Pasani. Her classes consists of 3 styles

Hatha, Vinyasa and Kundali Yoga and suit any age

from Beginners to advanced. She will take you on a

journey of releasing the body to free the mind which

brings peace and happiness to yourself and your life.

Mikaela Carr
Melbourne and Sydney based Contemporary dance artist Mikaela graduated from the Victorian College of Arts with a a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance). Receiving the creative scholarship for Most Outstanding Undergraduate.

During this time she has been directed by Stephanie Lake, Anna Smith, and performed Becky Hiltons Groupness in Lucy Guerin's peice's for small Spaces.

Mikaela has Taken part in the National Dance Festival in Miami and the World Dance Alliance in Angers, France. Mikaela has worked with Prue Lang since 2014 and is a part of PLANT. Also working with Brianna Kell courtesy of Dirty Feet.

Mikaela has worked closely with Deakin motion lab as interactive motion cap performer since 2015.

Mikaela is a qualified mat and reformer instructor, integrating previous practice of kinesiology, feldenkrais , Contemporary and classical ballet technique. Mikaela's Pilates classes are varied, dynamic and always challenging.

Jackie Woosnam

Jackie has always loved physical exercise and is a keen runner. After sustaining injuries was referred to Pilates by her Physio and has been addicted ever since. Jackie loved how it made her feel and could see the amazing benefits and is able to run and exercise injury free.

Jackie moved away from her desk job as a chartered accountant and attained her mat and reformer certification from Elixr and then went on to become barre certified with Barre Attack.

Jackie likes to work hard whilst having fun and firmly believes that there is so much more to be gained from physical exercise than aesthetics.

Jackie encourages you to challenge yourself in every class - working within your own space to your capabilities. You will walk away feeling upbeat and glad you came. Jackie's motto is "you never regret going for a workout but often regret that you didn't".

Ana Whale
Ana has been practicing Pilates as a student for over 10 years, using it as a way to rehab dance and sport injuries as well as strengthen for better performance. She was a dancer from a young age, studying jazz, tap, contemporary and ballet at Brent Street Studios and graduating from Newtown High School of Performing Arts. A self-confessed music nerd (she is a qualified Audio Engineer), she loves all things music and movement related so Barre Belle quickly became a firm favourite of hers to participate in and teach.

After deciding to train in the Pilates method to get a better understanding of the practice, she received her certification in 2016, as well as becoming certified in Pre Natal Pilates.

She is passionate about helping people feel good and achieve their goals physically and mentally, her classes are challenging, rewarding and you’ll be sure to have a laugh along the way.

Tamsin Philipps
Trying Pilates many years ago as a way to get ‘a bit toned’, Tamsin soon realised the movements required an amazing amount of control and precision to do them well. Practicing Pilates brings a new element to exercise, with better body awareness, an internal focus and a strengthening of the mind with the body. Falling hook, line & sinker for the Pilates method, Tamsin knew the next step in her journey was to be able to pass this on to others.

Moving with her family from the UK to Australia in 2015, Tamsin’s second task, after finding somewhere to live, was to do her Pilates training with Polestar. Completing the rehab course and becoming a Pilates practitioner has become a perfect complement to her other work as an Occupational Therapist working with people with neurological conditions.

As a Pilates instructor and OT, Tamsin has a strong focus on balance – whether that’s within the body, the mind, or generally in life (or is it the Libran in her demanding it??). Sessions are designed to provide you with a full body workout whilst also targeting specific areas. These include the breath, control, body awareness, functional movement integration and more, to improve our everyday experiences with our bodies – better balance, reduced stiffness and weakness, and learning how to breathe well. You should feel challenged every session – physically & mentally, and hopefully walk out feeling a little bit stronger, a little bit taller and with a smile on your face.

Kristy Da Silva
Kristy is an ex corporate career/party girl turned health and wellness nerd who found yoga at a time when she was desperately looking for a holistic way to heal her mind and body.

After her first yoga class, she instantly knew she had found the missing piece of the puzzle and yoga would be a part of her life forever. Yoga has helped her cut through the chaos created in her mind, simplify on all levels and find meaning in every moment, good or bad.

Kristy is a certified vinyasa yoga teacher with a passion learning and growth. She brings a fluid, feminine quality to her alignment based classes that will leave you feeling refreshed and at ease on the mat.

You can expect her energiser class to be strong but infused with fun and tailored to the individual’s level. From her unwind class you can expect a slower practice and longer holds lingering in those spaces of stillness between each breathe. Both classes emphasise mindfulness and breathe awareness to bring you a sense of peace and clarity

Her favourite yoga related quote is “asana without breathe is just gymnastics”.